Email2AT support for Problem Management features?

By Travis Austin

July 16, 2013

Autotask, Problem Managment

With the new release of Autotask’s Problem Management features, a number of Email2AT users have asked if we’ll be supporting the new “Ticket Type” field in Email2AT.

Basically, they want to know if they can have Email2AT create “Problem” or “Incident” tickets for their users.

The short answer is that we do not have plans to support this new pull-down. This is partly because Autotask’s API doesn’t make that field available to us. But, more importantly, you probably don’t want your customers creating Problem tickets at all (these should be created by your team after identifying a root systemic issue that needs remediation). Each of your customer’s tickets will likely be “Incident” tickets, but Email2AT doesn’t have a way to know what Problem they’re associated to. Unfortunately, this has to be a manual, human process, because it involves intellect and understanding how the tickets relate to one another.

If I’m missing something in my thoughts here, do let me know in the comments below.

  1. I understand the reasoning for not wanting to allow for customer’s to be able to create ‘Problem’ tickets. But what about our automated systems that pass emails / tickets in? Also, what about addressing the ‘Service Request’ ticket types, that come from customers?

    1. All tickets created by Email2AT will be “Service Request” ticket types. Once created, a ticket can be marked as an “Incident” or a “Problem” within Autotask.

      As far as automated systems go, that makes sense. Because the field isn’t available in the API, it’s not an easy modification for us to do, but we’ll look into it and see what we can come up with.

      1. I wouldn’t expect you to work miracles… and to me, doing that with out the functionality of the API would be just that. I think waiting for AT to present it is reasonable. 😀

      2. Travis, looks like they added ‘ticket type’ to the API for AutoTask now. Is it on the schedule to have as an option, inside Email2AT?

        1. Mark,

          What’s your desired workflow? If a ticket is received, do you want to be able to make it a Problem or an Incident when it’s created? If it’s an Incident, we won’t be able to associate it to a problem ticket — you’d have to do that manually. Will that work for you?


          1. Sorry man, I just saw this!

            I’d like to be able to assign ticket type. Within your system, we’d do this via the email address we’re sending to on your side. IE and such.

            Totally understand the lack of problem attachment. That’s a manual process.

            We’re doing a few things on our exchange server to filter messages, before we send it over to email2AT. Will just append some new rules to define where it goes. That make sense? email me direct if you’d like.

  2. Hi Travis, we would like to be able to create all tickets as Incidents and have the team manually change it to a service request when applicable. This would save time since the majority of requests are incidents.
    Thank you!

    1. Got it. As discussed on the phone today, I now understand that Autotask tickets can be “Incidents” without being associated to a “Problem”. I’ve add this to our feature request list.

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