The Power of Parsing

Email2AT is a powerful parsing tool that can cross reference and update tickets in Autotask from client support emails, voicemails, and automated alerts.

Using regular expressions, text matching, and custom Autotask queries, tickets are associated with the correct account and customer every time.

No more time dedicated to fixing tickets.

Close Tickets Automatically

When your monitoring system alerts you of a device offline, Email2AT ensures a ticket is created for the correct account and configuration item.

When the problem is resolved, the correct ticket is updated and closed.

No more manual intervention to close tickets.

Experience Extensibility

Use any available Autotask API object. Create, query, or update tickets, accounts, contacts, configuration and billing items, contracts, tasks, etc. Email2AT exposes every single Autotask API entity, giving you more possibilities and more control. With boolean logic you can extend far beyond whats available in Autotask.

Poll Remote Mailboxes

Email2AT can login to any IMAP or Microsoft Office 365 mailbox to ingest email messages with no need to forward emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Email2AT Support Microsoft Two-Factor Authentication?

The Email2AT integration with Microsoft utilizes the Microsoft API (and doesn't use IMAP). This allows Email2AT to fully support Microsoft two-factor authentication, SSO, and conditional access policies.

Email2AT never needs to know your Microsoft credentials. During the setup process, you will be redirected to the Microsoft authentication flow to authenticate to Microsoft directly in your own browser. Microsoft will then return you to the Email2AT configuration screen and will pass to Email2AT an OAuth token for Email2AT to use for its polling.

Where is MSPintegrations hosted?

MSPintegrations is hosted fully within Amazon WebServices in the US-EAST-1 region (located in the state of Virginia, USA).

Depending on your compliance or data location needs, you may find it helpful to know that the entire stack is also available in the Amazon WebServices eu-west-2 region, which is located in London, England. We also offer an Enterprise deployment which would be deployed in the Amazon region of your choice and you would be the sole tenant of that stack.

Is MSPintegrations secure and reliable?

MSPintegrations utilizes dev-ops to manage and deploy the platform, and uses managed infrastructure when possible. Every level of the platform has at least 1 level of redundancy.

To be more specific, MSPintegrations utilizes Amazon’s managed database service (RDS Aurora), managed caching service (ElastiCache), and managed file store (S3). The mail servers and worker servers are all deployed with Amazon OpsWorks (a dev-ops stack) with auto-healing and load balancing. All publicly accessible parts of the infrastructure are hosted behind CloudFront for CDN and WAF functionality. The database and caching servers are not accessible to the internet directly.

We use at-rest encryption for sensitive data (Autotask credentials, for example). All user accounts are secured with two-factor authentication.

Is there a subscription commitment or term?

We require 30 days' notice to cancel our services. Other than this 30 days' requirement, we impose no commitment to use our services for any length of time.

Is there a limit to the number of emails or mailboxes I can process or create?

We impose no hard limit to the number of email messages you can process or mailboxes or rules that you can create. The service is all-inclusive.

That said, we do impose a fair-use best practice policy. If your use of the service is causing problems, we will contact you and work with you to identify the issue. This is very rare, and nearly every single one of our customers uses the service with no issues.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! Contact us here to request a free trial. We will send you instructions to create a new Autotask API user and submit the user credentials to use, and we will provision a free trial account for you.

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