Email2AT: API Order When Adding Notes

By Travis Austin

June 25, 2010

Email2AT Updates, Workflow

When a customer replies to an Autotask notification, Email2AT can add that reply as a ticket note to an existing ticket. Email2AT can also modify the status of that ticket.

Many users configure a workflow rule to send a notification to the ticket’s assigned resource when that ticket status is changed, but that used to mean two notifications would fire: one when the ticket status was changed, and one when the ticket note was added.

We’ve now added the option to configure Email2AT to add the note before the ticket is edited, resulting in a single notification.

(Note: if your Autotask workflow notification includes the description of the note, then you will need to keep this set to edit the ticket first, and you will continue to receive two notifications from Autotask)

  1. Travis,

    we have a workflow rule configured to send notifications to appropriate resource when the ticket is “created, edited” and the status == note added. Despite the fact that we have add note before the edit ticket, we’re still receiving two notifications. Suggestions?


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