Configuration Item Manager Update

By Travis Austin

October 29, 2010

Autotask, Configuration Items, Mass-Update

A few months ago, we released a proof-of-concept we called the “Configuration Item Manager”. This tool allows for a bulk update of Configuration Items (also known as Installed Products) within Autotask. A user can easily download a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which details all of their Autotask Configuration Items, then make any adjustments to the spreadsheet, and upload the modified spreadsheet. The tool will then update any modified Configuration Items based on the new spreadsheet.

When the tool was released, it had a limit of being able to process only 500 Configuration Items, and had no support for User-Defined Fields.

Today, we released a major update to this tool. We have removed the 500-item limit, and the tool now fully support User-Defined Fields.

Give it a whirl at and let us know what you think!

  1. Hi Travis,

    Nice to have the configuration item manager, works well. There only one question, will there be a feature for new configurations items. example i have an new customer and i want his servers and workstations into autotask.

    I hope to here from you

    Greetings Erwin

    1. Erwin,

      There are no immediate plans to add the ability to upload new Config Items via this tool, but that is definately the next logical step. We definately see the value to adding this, and we hope to add it soon.


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