Integrate everything 

with Autotask

Email2AT allows you to create fully customized inbound email workflows for Autotask.

Extract text using regular expressions and text matching. Create and update any available Autotask API entity (tickets, accounts, configuration items, contracts, billing items, etc).


Use MSPintegrations to intelligently process emails destined for Autotask

Extract Text to Accurately Associate Tickets

Extract text from any part of the email, and use that text to associate a new Autotask ticket to the correct organization, contact, asset, or contract.

Associate Multiple Emails to One Ticket

When a monitoring tool sends multiple emails over the lifecycle of a single incident, MSPintegrations will associate all the emails to a single Autotask ticket.

Build Anything You Can Imagine

If you can dream it, and if the Autotask API supports it, you can build it with MSPintegrations. Create specific workflows for specific problems.


Read what our users have to say...

"The best tool I have used working in IT since 1999"

u/Servinal // Reddit

Email2AT is marvelous! Exactly what we were looking for, it will save 1-1.5 hrs per day for every person in our provisioning team once we finish testing and switch it on for everyone. They're using a shared inbox with 28,000 messages in it (!) and manually selecting the emails relating to their tickets! Email2AT has enabled us to automate email imports into ticket notes. 

It was easy to set up, and quite enjoyable to learn how to get the most out of it.

I am very impressed by the rapid response to questions, and especially some bespoke (and unprompted!) development that went on to help what we were doing work better.

Andrew Hassall

Systems Lead, ITS Technology Group

Email2AT is great - no issues. Just gets the job done.

I like the customisability and granularity.

Marek Slowik

IT Guys

With Email2AT, I have been able to automate more processes than with our old email parser. Email2AT gives us access to additional fields. Also, tickets get created faster due to push versus pop account checking.

Email2AT blows away what we have used in the past.

Scott Gordon

Founder, SBBS

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